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Archbishop Anthony Fisher OP, Catholic Archdiocese of Sydney

  • 09 March 2018
  • Hyatt Regency Hotel Sydney

The lunch held at the Hyatt Regency on 9 March 2018 provided a rare opportunity for members and guests with Archbishop Anthony Fisher OP giving us an incisive look into Business Ethics 101. Additionally, international guests Archbishop Angelo Zani and Professor Monsignor Guy-Real Thivierge were also invited to speak on the Holy See’s new educational initiative.

It’s a given that economics will always be a driving force in a thriving, democratic society. However, it doesn’t follow that a business would conduct its activities with a view to proactively preserving its moral spiritual health. The generation of wealth must be tempered by what Archbishop Fisher calls a ‘common stewardship of humanity’ – is there a way for us to serve the business economic model by socially responsible means?

The answer has always been yes. The question has been more about motivation and method. How do we set up a process of accountability, and how do we enforce it?

If each and every one of us understood that ‘wealth’ is not the right of a select few, but is something that can be shared without sacrificing the dignity of others, it means that we’ve genuinely grasped what it is to be truly Christian and put “Business Ethics” into practice.

Meanwhile, Archbishop Zani and Professor Monsignor Thivierge stressed that education must be innovative, cooperative and responsible. Through the Gravissimus Educationis Foundation of the Holy See, the Catholic Church is in the driver’s seat to promote scientific studies for humankind’s advancement, foster meaningful dialogues between educational institutions and organisations and give our young people the tools they need to tackle common global issues, including hunger and malnutrition.

The lasting statement all three presentations leave us with is that there are always options for improving the world we live in. Each problem we face requires a concerted, multi-pronged attack in which all of us – both older and younger generations – can have a hand in achieving.