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Lucy Turnbull AO

  • 10 November 2017
  • Hyatt Regency Hotel Sydney

The final Business Network lunch for 2017 ended on a high note with Mrs Lucy Turnbull AO, Chief Commissioner for Greater Sydney Commission, delivering a highly topical presentation on their multi-layered plan for a metropolis comprised of three cities.

Mrs Turnbull identified several key features – liveability, accessibility and connectivity – that characterise a well-planned vibrant city of tomorrow that best serves its inhabitants to the next generation and beyond.  There must be a comprehensive, holistic approach when considering the many different factors (population growth, technological advancement, economic trends, employment opportunities, transport infrastructure, etc) that affect the delivery of these goals.  The research being done today must hold up to the rigours of future demands characterised by an equitable delivery of available resources as Sydney’s population continues to grow. 

Success will be based on people’s easy access to affordable housing, jobs, transport hubs, educational and other facilities that will give them a balanced lifestyle and a sense of satisfaction not only from a financial or physical level, but from an emotional and spiritual level as well.  People must be at the heart of every plan.

Mrs Turnbull ended her presentation by calling on everyone to engage directly with the Greater Sydney Commission to help them plan as comprehensively as possible.